Some of the specialist services available at   ‘Foot Health Matters’.

The latest in ‘3D Foot Orthotic’ technology !


A/  Delcam’s  ‘3D’  iQube laser scanner,
B/   Bespoke  prescription ‘Cad-Cam 3D’  software
C/  ‘CNC milling’ ! (manufactured onsite). 


A) Acquire a 3D image with an ‘iQube’ scanner !  

   B) Bespoke [CAD] orthotic design !

C) CNC direct milling of orthotics onsite !

Functional gait analysis.

Functional foot analysis.

Advice on functional injury.

Video gait analysis.

Advice on foot surgery.

Neurological testing.

Ultrasound vascular analysis.

Vascular analysis with objective recording.

Diabetic management.

Laser treatment for injuries..

Laser for shin splints or compartment syndrome.

Laser for foot pain.