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The modern podiatrist will assess, diagnose and treat your presenting condition.  Many foot problems also affect the lower limb as well.  Many specialist treatments are preventative, palliative and corrective  in order to maintain tissue viability. These treatments improve and maintain foot health,  they also improve mobility and therefore improve general wellbing.

Specialist podiatry centers around these common themes:-

– Health promotion, self care advice.
– Specialist Podiatry interventions to achieve best results in rehabilitation, prevention and maintenance of foot health.
– Musculo-skeletal assessment, diagnosis and treatment including orthotic prescription and provision.
– Corrective nail surgery.
– Wound care.

At Foot Health Matters the specialist services available include treatment for:-  Plantar fasciitisAchilles tendonitis and Sub calcaneal bursitis.  Diagnostic specialisms include :-  Foot and lower leg  Biomechanics,  Video gait analysis,  Foot pressure scan analysis,  Inflammatory thermal testing,  Pre formed orthotics &  Custom orthotics for a full range of foot types.  Extensive advice and treatment  for  Osteo- and Rheumatoid  arthritis,  Diabetic Vascular and Neurological assessment,  Specialist advice on footwear for;-  infants, children, teenagers, adults.
One of the most recent treatment modalities introduced at Foot Health Matters is Low Level Laser treatment.

Functional gait analysis.

Functional foot analysis.

Advice on functional injury.

Video gait analysis.

Advice on foot surgery.

Neurological testing.

Ultrasound vascular analysis.

Vascular analysis with objective recording.

Diabetic management.

Laser treatment for injuries..

Laser for shin splints or compartment syndrome.

Laser for foot pain.







Foot Health Matters is a HCPC Registered Podiatry Practice in South Belfast. Northern Ireland BT10 0DR Tel: 028-90-611619.