Podiatry as a career.

What is Podiatry ?

Podiatry‚ is the modern word for Chiropody & it describes the professional work carried out by Podiatrists.  Modern podiatrists assess‚ diagnose and treat many simple & complex conditions. Many of those conditions do not only relate to the human foot‚ but the the lower limb and the individual as a whole.  Many conditions treated by podiatrists are on the surface of the foot. Simple examples of such conditions are ;- skin calluses‚ verrucae and ingrowing toenails. Other conditions treated by podiatrists, are not always visible on the surface of the foot, but involve the internal structures of the foot‚ for example ;- plantar fasciitis‚ heel bursitis‚ heel spurs, metatarsalgia & morton’s neuroma, to name but a few.

A students view of ‘Podiatry’ as a Professional career.












Podiatrists also provide specialist treatment and advice for people with ‘Diabetes’ & ‘Foot arthritis’. Minor surgery can also be performed (under local anaesthesia) to resolve ingrowing toenail problems permanently. ‘Gait anomilies’ can also be assessed and successfully treated with ‘Foot orthotics’ (in shoe foot supports). Foot orthotics are prescribed‚ manufactured & fitted to improve both internal & external foot function. This approach often reduces pain in the leg and lumbar regions. Leg and lumbar pain is often caused by poor foot alignment and leg length discrepancies.