Ankle joint mechanics.

   Biomechanical overview of the Sub Talar joint.












Anatomy of the Ankle
The ankle, while consisting of fewer bones, joints and soft tissue structures than the foot, is actually difficult to define in terms of boundaries. This means that injuries to the ankle often overlap with those of the foot and lower leg.
While learning the contents of the ankle can seem daunting, it becomes easier if we remember that there are only 3 articulating bones, and 3 groups of ligaments that make up the ankle joint.

Bones of the ankle
In terms of articulation, the ankle involves three bones:

It is a complex hinge joint, and is of the synovial type, which means that damage to one component of the joint can lead to marked swelling from synovial fluid leakage.
The calcaneus is also included in discussion of the ankle region as it provides ligamentous attachments.
Each bone is now examined in more detail. (readers are advised to inspect the previous Med Cell article which deals with the bones of the foot for more in-depth coverage of the talus and calcaneus.



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