3D Cad-Cam Foot Orthotics


The latest in ‘3D Foot Orthotic’ technology !

A/ Acquire a ‘3D footscan’ using  Delcam’s  ‘3D’  iQube laser foot scanner,
B/  Bespoke  prescription is written  ‘Cad-Cam 3D’  software
C/  ‘CNC milling’ –  [ Computerised  Numeric  Control  manufacturing onsite ! ]  

A) Acquire a 3D image with an ‘iQube’ scanner !  

   B) Bespoke [CAD] orthotic design !

C) CNC direct milling of orthotics onsite !

iQube Laser Foot Scanner (from Delcam).

If you need a foot cast impression, the iQube foot scanner will produce the highest quality ‘3D image’ of a foot in seconds.                 Our new iQube foot scanner is built upon Delcam’s technology. The technology was developed originally to measure high precision automotive and aerospace products to within the width of a human hair.  The design of the iQube scanner allows a patient’s foot to be scanned in non-weight, partial-weight and full-weight bearing positions.  The “iQube” also allows the practitioner to remove the traditional and time consuming plaster of paris casting process, the vacuum forming process and the finishing process.                         Thus the net result greatly accelerates the manufacturing time.  The ‘3D foot Scans’  can now be sent for Cad-Cam production in a few minutes, thereby avoiding many days of delay.  The 3D accuracy of these Foot Orthotics is also now much better in many ways than ever before. The improvements in functional effect, deliver pain relief, comfort and freedom so that you can go and enjoy your activities.  Finally the cost savings are very significant indeed,  great production savings are made by a reduction in material costs, production time, and delivery costs. In summary,’fantastic foot orthotics’ and a ‘great saving in cost’.

Video overview of  ‘Delcams IQube scanner’ 

An overview of foot Scanning & Orthotic manufacturing processes.’ 

Delcam’s Orthomodel for Orthotic design.

Milling phase of  Orthotics (using a CNC mill/router).