Hallux Valgus (Surgery).

Surgical treatment for ‘Bunions’  (HAV- Hallux Abducto Valgus) is sometimes advised. If you are limited by foot pain, cannot fit into your shoes comfortably,  or not able to do your daily activities, then surgery may be a good option for you. There are many different surgical procedures to repair bunions. Your podiatrist will review your foot exam findings, your x-rays,  your age,  your health,  your lifestyle,  your physical activity level and discuss with you which procedure he or she would recommend. Surgical procedures for bunions range from soft tissue repair to cutting and realigning the bones. It is not recommended that you have bunion surgery for cosmetic reasons (you do not like how your foot looks) or because you want to fit in a certain pair of shoes. There is the risk that even after surgery, the bunion will reoccur 9-10% of the time.

Bunions are a common foot problem especially in women. Shoes contribute to the problem, but are not the only cause. Bunions can be painful and that is usually the reason people eventually go to a foot doctor (podiatrist). Treatment can either be conservative or surgical. It depends a lot on your symptoms and how limited you are by the bunion. Surgery is often very successful, but bunions can reoccur 9-10% of the time.


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